From Idea to Reality: The Process of Creating Scripted Television

Angela Oberer, Dead Wrong, television

Angela Oberer

Angela Oberer is an actress, and creator of the TV comedy series Dead Wrong™ coming soon to a TV near you. Look for it at

Four months ago, I embarked on a new journey: creating a television show. I am an actress and voice over artist and am always looking for the next job. I can sit around feeling sorry for myself while waiting for the phone to ring, or I can take responsibility for my career and create work for myself. I’m also aware that creative minds are good partners – no need to create alone. So who can help me in my quest?

Knowing nothing about creating a TV show, I went seeking some help, when I found Mark and Jeanne Simon who run a company called SellYourTVConceptNow. They sell a home study course called the TV Pitch School, which includes a course on TV Development (who are your characters? What drives them? What is your story?) with examples and samples of how to develop your show. There is a course on TV packaging – how to compile your pitch packet in the common formats used for specifically selling a TV show. And there is a course on TV Power Pitches, with sample email, letter and telephone pitches with exactly what to say when you are trying to land a pitch meeting.

So I sat down and went through the TV Pitch School and homework assignments and figured out who the characters in my TV show would be, including the part I wanted to play, and I wrote a screenplay.

Then I joined Mark and Jeanne’s infamous “Hit Maker Tour” which includes conference and Skype calls that guide you every step of your pitch packet creation, editing, pitch practices, marketing materials creation, all the way to attending pitch conferences like NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) where they sit in on your pitch meetings and critique you and help you refine your pitch.

Four months ago I had an idea for a TV show, and today I am at one of the largest pitch conferences in the world pitching it to buyers. I have professional one sheet flyers, post cards, business cards for networking, and an electronic pitch packet on my iPad that I can whip out and show buyers on a whim thanks to believing in myself and partnering with people smarter than me who have tread this path before and are willing to mentor me.

Too often we reach a plateau in our lives where we stop believing in ourselves. We stop learning, stop challenging ourselves and stop being creative. Why? No one is going to build your dreams for you. Nurture your ability to dream big dreams, and exercise your God-given creativity to construct the life you’ve always envisioned. It is a choice and it is your choice.

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