Featured Artist: Emily Jeffords — Beautiful Hello Blog

beautiful hello emily jeffords

photo via emilyjeffords.com

Emily Jeffords is an Air Force wife, mom of two gorgeous girls, and full-time artist. Her blog, Beautiful Hello, is a lovely, peaceful site that is dedicated to inspiration, the curation of the places, work, and artists that inspire her, and the chronicles of the artistic process.

beautiful hello blog

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She recently moved to Greenville, SC and shared some photos of her new studio space. Doesn’t it just make you want to exhale?

beautiful hello blog

beautiful hello blog

In addition to her considerable skills as a graphic designer (as evidenced by the exceptional quality of her blog), she also creates both collage art and collage jewelry.

collage jewelry emily jeffords

collage art emily jeffords

Collage Art by Emily Jeffords

I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out Emily’s amazing work. Her pieces are also available for purchase in several boutiques and galleries as well as her online store.

emily jeffords studio store

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All images are courtesy of Emily Jeffords.